AgroDealersTrainingThe Pesticide use, Health and Environment (PHE) Uganda project aims at promoting health of Ugandans by raising the profile of pesticide safety, in Pallisa and Wakiso Districts and areas beyond, through a myriad of fora. The primary target is the farming fraternity but these can best be supported by working with other players like agro-input dealers, extension officers, Village Health Team members, and Health care workers.

Pesticide dealers reach many farmers in their daily transactions, however results from PHE Phase I baseline survey showed that majority of the agro-input dealers had challenges with label interpretation, safe pesticide use and were ignorant of the laws that govern pesticides in the country. In addition, Phase II FGD findings showed that majority were operating without licenses, a good number was running agro-chemical shops based on trainings from their spouses, and all expressed challenges with calculating the dosage among others. All this is a reflection of a grave gap that needs to be covered if the PHE project is to realize change in the community and to forge a sustainable ‘pesticide safety knowledge agenda.’
It is against this background that the project sought it fit to engage these dealers in a two days introductory course on topical issues in the aforementioned gaps and to complement the already realized trainings of farmers, VHTs, public health spray personnel, and health care workers.