The Annual District Convention is the undertaking on the Pesticide use Health and Environment Project with the aim of raising awareness on pesticide safety through bringing together all relevant stakeholders.

With the theme as “Community Health and Pesticide Use: Walking the Sustainability Path”, two conventions were held during the month of May 2016 which attracted over 500 people including farmers, spray men, Village health team members, agro dealers, pesticide distribution companies, health care workers, district personnel, ministry of Agriculture and Diagnostic Government Analytical Laboratory representatives and representatives of organizations dealing with agricultural projects..

Inexhinitor QC Wakiso district, the event took place on 10th May 2016 at Kavumba Recreation Centre where as in Pallisa, it occurred on 26th May 2016 at Kyoga Hotel. The event attracted 30 exhibitors in total including Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), RAMAH  Agro Input,NEOLIFE –  Powered by GNLD), M- OmulimisaE – Extension for Farmers(Lifelong learning for farmers in Uganda), Wakiso Farmers Kibale United Farmers Association (KUFA),Butebo Farmers Citrus Fruits and Honey Farmers, Teso Farmers, Plant Wise (MAAIF), Pallisa General Hospital (Health Care Workers), Pallisa Farmers (PAFA), Quality Chemicals Uganda, Bukoola Chemicals, AGNISBA, NUCAFE, Banamukisa farmers, Farmers collection, Wakiso district farmer’s Association, Uganda National Farmers Federation, ESSAF Uganda, Gold seed and ICIPE among others.

Among the activities carryout were public lecture sessions on  integrated pest and disease management, the Tomato Residue Study results and the key presentation was on Safety in pesticide use, trade and consuming agricultural produce and exhibitions on safety while spraying, agricultural inputs, pesticides and produce.

‘Edutainment’ was done by 2 primary schools and 2 drama groups involved in the project.

The event was covered by media, UBC Television and aired on the news segment the next day and also on Namirembe FM radio and East African Radio. Star Television also covered segments of the event for their news bulletin. An article on Pallisa convention was written in ETOP (news paper) on 22nd /6/2016.

By the end of the convention, most of the participants had gained more knowledge on pesticide safety, the health effects of pesticide poisoning and integrated pest and disease management.

Pallisa RDC inspecting the exhibition tents                                       Kitayita PS Wakiso entertaining guests

Pallisa RDC inspecting the exhibition tents and Kitayita P/S (Wakiso) entertaining guests with a message song.