UNACOH has got a multidisciplinary membership cutting across various professions, these including but not limited to Teachers, Health Workers, Social Workers, Engineers, and interested members of the public in health issues. The membership is wide spread across the country, with 21 district branches.Membership Comprises of the following categories:

i.Ordinary membership

This is open to individual persons from all professions including non-Ugandans

ii.Honorary membership

This category is open to any individual who has contributed substantially to or otherwise to the advancement of UNACOH and Public Health in Uganda subject to fulfillment of certain conditions

iii.Corporate membership

This open to any individual, organization, company, group of persons willing to provide/contribute material and/or financial support to the Association subject to fulfilling certain conditions

iv. Affiliate membership

This is open to any professional or institution or scientific society, perusing the same objectives as the association’s subject to fulfilling certain conditions:

v.Student membership

This is open to any individual registered as a current student in an educational or training institution in Uganda who wishes to take part in the activities of the Association upon-fulfilling certain conditions.



  • Sharing and dissemination of health information
  • Participating in organization activities like conferences
  • Getting a free copy of the newsletter whenever published in soft or hard copy
  • Getting involved in health research and activities
  • Networking with different groups and professionals
  • Opportunities for volunteering in certain activities/ programs of the organization
  • Capacity building and professional growth through mentoring and gaining experience
  • Publishing of research papers and presentations etc.

How to become a member

Fill out a form online or download the form and submit it to UNACOH Secretariatat unacoh@unacoh.org

With the required payment indicated on the form.