UNACOH has received funding support from USAID to implement a one-year Public Private Partnerships in Health (PPPH) in partnership with the Ministry of Health. The USAID/PHS (Private Health Support) program aims to strengthen, organize and mobilize private sector to provide Ugandans with the option of obtaining high quality health services from private for profit providers. The goal of the program is to improve the credibility and cohesiveness of the private sector and expand the capacity of the private sector providers.
The focus of the program is to provide technical expertise, enhance quality standards, improve access to capital, support accreditation and provide leadership in the private sector.
The program has three main objectives: to expand availability of health services by private providers, to increase affordability of private health services and products, and to improve quality of private health sector facilities and services.
The PPPH project aims to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Health to translate the PPPH Policy into actions that strengthen coordination between the public and private sectors at both the central level and district level, which will translate into several PPPs that address health priorities and system gaps.
In order to meet the program’s goal, UNACOH has employed two strategies:
⦁ Establish PPP central organizational structure, establish operating systems and create tools and methodologies needed for the MOH implement PPP in health.
⦁ Build support for the MOH to implement PPPs in health.
The following are the activities that UNACOH has been and is still carrying out in order to meet the project purpose;
Develop an organizational chart for the MoH PPPH Node and linkages within and outside the MOH. Based on the analysis of other countries’ PPP units, UNACOH will support the PPPH Node to adopt best practices from PPPs on the African continent finalize its draft organizational chart, articulate the Node’s key functions, describe the inter-relationships with other departments in the MOH for example the department of policy and planning among others.
Develop a staffing plan: Based on studies to review the PPPH structure, UNACOH will support the PPPH Node to develop a staffing plan which contains the ideal level of staff with the required expertise and profiles, and clarify the roles of external consultants to supplement PPPH Node full time staff. The staffing plan will also include job descriptions of the personnel and align their individual work plans to the overall PPPH Node’s work plan.
Combined implementation guidelines: UNACOH is working with the PPPH Node to develop a simplified version of the combined implementation guidelines for the PNFPs and the PHPs.
Capacity building: Through a TOT, at least 50 MOH and private sector personnel will be trained as TOTs in PPP in health. Through this, UNACOH will identify PPPH staff training needs according to their roles, and design training curriculum and tools for the training that targets the MOH PPP Node, private sector representatives and district focal persons from selected districts.
Strengthening MOH leadership’s capacity in PPPH governance, policies and procedures. UNACOH will deliver a calendar of policy workshops and trainings, it will assist the PPPH Node to carry out trainings for MOH leadership to finalize them with governance issues of the PPPH program to help develop a clear understanding of the risk and benefits of PPPHs and to build support to engage the private sector.
Assist the MOH to build its pipeline and structure a select number of simple PPPs in health. This is aimed at providing information and attractive avenues for the private sector to consider investments in the areas of PPPH.

On the 22nd 06, 2017, UNACOH held a meeting with the Senior Management Committee at the MOH where UNACOH introduced the PPPH project formerly to the members of the SMC and shared the current status of the project majorly the report on the implementation plan. The SMC recommended the report to be presented to the HIPAC.
In relation to the above, on the 28th 06, 2017, UNACOH held a technical working group with various stakeholders from the private sector. Particularly on the PPPH project, UNACOH reported to members on the status of implementation that is the implementation plan which was shared with members of the TWG to give their views.
Also a presentation was made on the curriculum for training health workers in Uganda; it was recommended that this should be updated in order to meet the current demands of the training schools and the health workers.


Members of the Technical Working Group in meeting at Humura Resorts- Kampala on the 28th/06/2017.