National Stakeholders’ Consultative Meeting on NPIC Proposal.

Increasing demand for food by the increasing population has increased the use of pesticides, Poor handling practices, storage, and intentional suicides have increased poisoning.  Due to increasing incidences of pesticide poisoning in Uganda with prevalence ranking at 28%, the majority of these cases, however, are not registered at the health facilities leaving most of the poisoning cases from the communities unreported.

UNACOH has trained over 66 health care workers in both Wakiso and Pallisa districts to build their capacity in pesticides poisoning diagnosis, treatment and management, and over 200 VHTs to do referral of pesticides poisoned victims. however, there still remains a gap in other districts in regards to treatment and registration of pesticides poisoned victims. it is therefore from this background that the project initiated the establishment of a National poisoning and Information Center (NPIC) to facilitate pesticides poisoning diagnosis, treatment and registration at regional referral and lower health units through a call center using a toll-free line (0800100066) installed at the Directorate of Government Analytical Laboratory (DGAL) under the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

A proposal for the institutionalization of the NPIC has been developed by UNACOH with consultation from key stakeholders and was due to be presented for more discussion and fine tunning under a consultative meeting held at Emerald Hotel on 22nd August 2019.

UNACOH is to hold more meetings with stakeholders until more improvements and consensus is reached for the running of the center.

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