Masindi Community Sensitisation on safe Pesticides Use.

UNACOH through the DFA, has done community sensitization in the four sub-counties. The training in safe Pesticide use was aimed at creating awareness on pesticide safety and adoption in a day to day chemical handling. The four sub-counties included: Kigulya, Miirya, Pakanyi, and Bwijanga respectively. The monitoring process targeted the groups trained which are expected to trickle down to other non-members as a ripple effect to attain pesticide safety at all levels.

Generally, the monitoring activity unveiled what was hidden, though changes seem to be gradual, pesticide training harnessed farmers to have a quick change and were not left the same.


  • To assess the level of adoption among the trained farmers
  • To understand the challenges affecting the adoption of pesticide safety
  • To analyze farmers perception and understanding of pesticide

General Successes:

  • At least there is awareness creation evidenced in all groups though the level of understanding.
  • There has been gradual adoption of safe pesticide use as a result of the training. Members declare that the training has not left them the same.
  • The subject matter is sustainable. This is witnessed when more groups are coming on board requesting for similar training and the already trained ones are making more mobilization for similar training.
  • Farmers declare that the topic is so relevant in this era where chemical usage is on the rise and most farmers are illiterate.


  • Though monitoring was done at the group level, individual monitoring would as well be a better option to verify the adoption levels.
  • Awareness raising and monitoring need to be a continuous process.
  • There is a need for motivation and reward to well adoptive groups to encourage others to come on board.


(Activity gallery)

community sensitization in Bugiri District

community sensitization in Kapchorwa District

community sensitization in Ssembabule District

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