1. Are SMS-messages the way forward in spreading health information?

    2. Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Tomato Producers and Vendors in Uganda

    3. Assessment of Dithiocarbamate Residues on Tomatoes Conventionally Grown in Uganda and the Effect of Simple Washing to Reduce Exposure Risk to Consumers

    4. Effect of Integrated Pest Management Training on Ugandan Small-Scale Farmers

    5. Characteristics of Pesticide Poisoning in Rural and Urban Settings in Uganda

    6. Tackling Pesticides Exposure In Subsaharan Africa: A story from Uganda

    7.  Pesticide knowledge, practices, and attitudes and how it affects the health of small-scale farmers in Uganda: A cross-sectional study.

    CONFERENCE PAPERS (Call for Action)

    1. Pesticides Politics in Africa conference – Arusha, May 2019.