People reached with alcohol prevention and control messages

5,384 people in the project area in Masindi and Jinja

Alcohol Control Regulations

2 Sub County Alcohol Control by-laws (Budongo and Bwijanga Sub Counties in Jinja)

1 draft Alcohol Control Ordinance in Jinja


Co-ordinated Community Action Against Harmful Use of Alcohol

7 District and Sub County Alcohol Control Networks  in Masindi and Jinja


“No Alcohol” school clubs

3(Kiyuya Seed School, Bwijanga Secondary School and Siiba Primary School)


From a life wasted by alcohol to productive farmers

“…After my senior six, there was no money for me to continue my education. I was so depressed I started drinking alcohol. I was one of the wasted youth in my village. Innocent one of the members of a youth group in our area that had been trained by UNACOH approached me and started talking to me about my drinking. He counselled me and eventually I was able to quit. He encouraged me to start farming. I started farming now I am able to earn money. I have been able to buy a plot of land I now realize my world didn’t end when school ended….” Youth Kyatiri, Masindi District