At its 17th Bi-ennual General Meeting held on 26th March, 2022 at Lukwanga, Sentema Road, Wakiso District, Uganda National Association of Community and Occupational Health (UNACOH) , conducted a business meeting and elections for the new office bearers for the National Executive Committee (NEC). The newly elected committee, chaired by Prof. Robert Basaza, who was re-elected for his second term, got mandate to serve a two yar term of 2022/2023. Below is the list of the elected National Executive Committee
President:                                 Prof. Robert Basaza
Vice President:                        Ms. Alura Christine
Chair. Scientific Committee: Dr. Cecilia Nawavvu
Treasurer General:                  Mr. Kizito Hamidu
Vice Treasurer General:         Mr. Tigaiza Arnold
Publicity Committee:             Mr. Paul Balitta Chair,
Chair, Editorial Committee:   Mr. Jackson Were
Chair. Finance Committee:   Dr. Wilson Mubiru

The meeting was held at the UNACOH Plot of land where the Head Quarter is going to be constructed. The Architect presented the architectural design of the building and cost estimates. In response, the fund-raising drive for the building was launched. The proceeds from fund-raising that day was UGX 7.8 Million in cash and predges.
As part of policy, the Assembly, approved the introduction of Life membership. This is in addition to the existing categories of membership that include; Ordinary Membership, Supporting Membership, Affiliate Membership, Honorary Membership and Student Membership.

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