With funding from Stay-Foundation- Germany through LATEK, UNACOH is supported to accomplish the training of 100 in an apiary 2 project in Nakaseke district. A total of 100 farmers were mobilized including the phase 1 trained farmers. These underwent into 3days training (14th to 16th September, 2022) at Kito Sub county headquarters in Nakaseke District.
Although UNACOH has implemented a number of health projects, this is a kind of a livelihood project intended to uplift the very poor households out of poverty. As SDG1 is aiming at eliminating poverty which is a social determinant of health, UNACOH approaches this project with an aim of increasing house hold incomes to better health service accessibility by the poor.
Besides income, the project will aim at other bee products like honey, venom and propolis produced, which are medicinal in nature.
All LATEK supported projects are social entrepreneur in nature and therefore not grants. The social entrepreneur project aims at transforming the peasantry farmer into a social entrepreneur.
The program will aim at the following outputs;
1. To train 100 farmers in beekeeping
2. To increase their household income through the sale of bee products, and get repayment from all the 100 trained farmers for supporting other communities.
3. To sustainably set up and support vibrant and active #StayChampion groups.
For a successful training of the beneficiaries, Latek hired a consultant from Golden bees Ltd who facilitated the training of the above farmers in apiary under UNACOH support supervision for the 3days.

See video clips on our YouTube channel.


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